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Road Stuff

Guerrila travel stuff and web journalism, and don't worry, I always put in lots of pictures.


Wrybread at Burning Man 99. Like last year, most of the pages were sent in via satellite phone live from the desert.


Wrybread Takes Baja. Read and see the "webumentary" of three weeks travelling through Baja Mexico aboard a crazy converted silver school bus called the Cyberbuss with a bunch of crazy silver people. An absolutely stellar adventure, and we sent in updates by satellite phone from deepest Mexican desert.


Santanarchy 98 is the Wrybread coverage of the annual gonzo holiday rite where people don cheap santa suits and get in touch with their inner anarchists.


Wrybread at Burning Man '98.   Thanks to the Cyberbuss, I had a satellite phone at Burning Mann '98, and I sent in this mini website from the desert. You can also hear a few hours of the pirate radio station I had going out there, "88.3 fm Radio Free Wrybread, functioning in conjunction with the silver Cyberbuss".


Wry Vehicles.  One of the more popular slices of Wrybread, this is a photo documentary of gonzo live-in vehicles and their gonzo occupants.


Wry Signs.  Some goofy pictures I've taken of folky signs from around the American Outback.


Mount Shasta by Cyberbuss.   A mini roadtrip to Mt. Shasta with The Cyberbuss, this was one of my first wordy photo narratives. Up until this point I'd just been going with single-line cutesy captions.


The WryBreadBox.   A little tour of the van I lived in for most of 1998 (with lots of single-line cutesy captions).


Notes From the Road.  A book I wrote about living with an anarchist kitchen in the summer of 1997. You can read the whole thing off the site, or you can buy it from the Wrybread Catalog and read it from the comfort of your toilet.


Travailing Mann.  Sort of the sequel to Notes from the Road, these are emails from the road. They were all written while travelling around America, and most of them were sent in from payphones in the most bizarre spots possible using an accoustic coupler. This is pretty old Wrybread, summer '98.


Incident at the Circus.   A story about seeing a stabbing at a circus. Ancient Wrybread, written in April 1998, before electricity had been invented.


Guano on the Road.  Agent Guano aka Gespacho of the Wrybread Yeasty Army was on patrol in Europe and South America sending in daily dispatches.  Give him a read and drop him a note.


Winter Camping in VanGlorious.  Some guerilla camping in Van Glorious the WryBreadBox, this is a strangely popular slice of Wrybread.


The Wrybread Catalog.   This is a few things I and my friends have made and offer for sale. This site attempts to be "listener supported", and I feel pretty good about everything I sell here. On the off chance that you're interested, you can read my philosophy about capitalism, I tried to make it painless.


New Moonie. A photo narrative from a pre-Burning Man trip to the desert.


The Saga of Van Glorious. The mighty Van Glorious attempts to escape the dreaded Donner Triangle.


Music Stuff

Wrybread Music. These are my CDs, and lucky you can hear them in RealAudio and, coming soon, MP3.


Travelling Through Musical States.  A CD of my various musical phases, it's sort of my greatest hits.


Guitar & Mouth.  My accoustic guitar & JB's singing.


Atomic Stoneage and Gametronica.  Music Gametone Mic and I composed for the play Atomic Stoneage, with Gametone Mic's studio surprises at the end.


The Gametones Williamsberg Sessions.  An urban gamelan playing instruments made from urban detritus. You have to see the instruments to believe them.


Crossed Lines and Bad Connections.  This is far and away my most popular CD, it's telephone terrorism where I got two phone lines, called people at random, and conferenced them together. If you like this sort of thing, it'll make you laugh so hard you'll be sore in the morning.


Strange Noises. This is my collection of bizarre sounds and music, hear them in RealAudio. There's music I recorded at a Rainbow Gathering, there's my ex-roomate's ex-cat having sex, there's hours of Wrybread Radio at Burning Man 98, there's CitiZen1 and Gary Heidt on WFMU, there's a hitchhiker freaking out in the back of my car, there's actual calls to Apple tech support, and lots of so on.


The Hiss Line.  This was an old Wrybread project where I put stickers on New York City payphone asking people to call a number (352-HISS) and "say something interesting".  You can hear what they said in RealAudio, but the calls were actually pretty disappointing, I think asking people to say something "interesting" was too challenging.


Web Jam.  This was the first Wrybread web project. We worked out a way of using various compression and decompression schemes to send music back and forth through the web, and we each added to the piece and let it grow and mutate. Think of it as internet-age folk music.


Asphalt Echo.  Lieutenant Gespacho, a member of the Wrybread Yeasty Army, directed this underground percussion piece which was performed in an accoustically-friendly tunnel in San Francisco. Hear it and see it.



The Wrybread Catalog.   I sort of have to mention this one twice, you know how it works. Our catalog has a few things I've made and offer for sale and which you absolutely cannot live without.


Other Stuff

The Gametone Universe is my sister site, written by my collaborator Gametone Mic. It's full of photography, writing, and experimental web art from the New York City underground, and it's the headquarters of the percussion group The Gametones. It's constantly updated, and absolutely amazing stuff.


Honey Pot Radio. We've been doing a weekly broadcast, every Thursday around 8pm San Francisco time until we get bored, which usually happens around 1am. There's hours and hours of archived highlights up, and some amazing pics.


The Video Booth. An installation at Webzine99 where we had people go into a video booth and act their goofiest.


The Cyberbuss Costume Ball. A half-assed site I did from the annual San Francisco gonzo bash.


Wry Comments.  These are messages people have sent to my beeper from the site. It's a big humungous ooze of raw humanity (the messages, not my site).


Wrybread Gadgets.  A bunch of how-to articles I put up for some reason.


Wrybread Posting Area.   No one was posting so I took most of the links to this down, but if you want to go post something, go ahead, and rest assured you can do so without stagefright.


The Wrybread Search Cam.   Watch actual searches being performed on the Magellan search engine, and see some searches that have led people to WryBread. This is some really bizarre stuff.


The Wrybread Catalog.   Oops, this is the third mention of the catalog, oh well. Just remember how much you knead wrybread. And while you're at it, why not read my rambling sales pitch.


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