Presenting Van Glorious


the WryBreadBox.


She drove me through deserts,


over mountains, (I climbed that one in the background.  Click here for pictures of the climb).


And under full moons (that's what that overhead light is).


She broke down once, in Kansas (my fault - I ran out of gas)



and is a general blast to live in.



Here she is in multimedia mode:  on the table next to the stove is my laptop computer burning a CD, and hanging on the wall is the coverart for the CD, just printed out and drying.


Another view.  The shirt is laid over the burner to camouflage things a little, since I always dread the day someone gets a peek through my many curtains at my many stealable miscellany.  Silly I know, but you get a little paranoid travelling around with all this stuff.