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Cats in the Night

My ex-roomate's ex-cat carousing with a neiborhood stray.  Is it sex? Is it fighting? Is it music?  9:29

Storm Drain Shuffle

Lieutenant Gespacho and myself chanting musical om and banging around in a storm drain under a backroad in the Arizona desert at sunset.  60:00

Tech Support Calls

Some actual calls to Apple's tech support.   15:00

Asphalt Echo 

Sounds from the underground guerilla percussion performance directed by Lieutenant GespachoPictures here17:06

The Hitcher

A hitchhiker was sitting in the rain at the side of the road wrapped in blankets.  I picked him up and two minutes into the ride he started screamingly reciting Shakespear.  17:32 

Burning Man Journals

Have my computer read you the first day of the journals I keep in the desert at Burning Man '98. You can read along here.  5:35

The Nasty Song

The processed voices of my roommates.   (Low volume). 5:12

Rainbow Gathering Chants 

Picture 40 very hard-core hippies deep in a national forest amassed around a firepit they'd been calling their "church".  The chants sound improvised, but most are actually "traditional Rainbow family songs".  33:13

Rainbow Brother Boo

Boo must have been 6 feet 8 inches tall, and has been on the "Rainbow Trail" for years (he goes from Rainbow Gathering to Rainbow Gathering).  I'm sure he's gone through life being called a gentle giant.  31:28

Wrybread Radio

About three hours of audio from the radio station I ran at Burning Mann 98.

Throat Singing

Throat singing from Tuva, Siberia.  5:07


Lieutenant Gespacho sings in french over my 12-string guitar.  11:51

Gonzo Radio

Country Outlaw CitiZen One of the Gametone Universe and Gary Heidt play music from the Museum of Sound on WFMU radio.  60:00

Steal This Press Conference

A press conference held at the foot of the New York Stock Exchange by Steal This Radio, a pirate radio station in the East Village of NY.  Hear them transmit the whole thing despite direct FCC warnings.   Pictures too60:00

Steal This Too

The outro and intro music from the Steal This Radio press conference, transmitted over assorted boom boxes turned up loud.  10:34

Web Jam

A couple clips from WebJam, an old wrybread project to make music over the web.  Think of it as internet-age folk music. 8:40

Wrybread Music

Audio CDs of my music.

Crossed Lines and Bad Connections

A CD of my telephone terrorism.

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