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Asphalt Echo


A guerilla percussion performance put on in an acoustically friendly tunnel in San Francisco.  With music made by pounding rescued industrial refuse against the concrete.

A message from the director:

Have you ever looked at a chair and wondered what kind of sound it has? Played a beat on a table or a bar? Looked at a wall and wondered how many tones could be produced by hitting it? How about by kicking it? What does a car sound like, or better yet, a tractor trailer? What about a building? (hmmm, that could be my next project)

On August 10, 1998 a RITUAL PROCESS presented a site inspired collaborative work in progress that used a street as an instrument in a man made echo chamber / amplifier. Belly dancing and original rhythms were made by striking the asphalt with sneakers and boots as the dancers brought one of the oldest folk forms to the here and now; their chimes ringing clear. Bike forks clanged and scraped, brought Insect / Animal scurrying through the ally. Bouncing and spinning; the dance of the rims brought the piece to a close. The aural environment lended itself well to classically trained vocalists and didjeridoo as well.

Thanks to all who made this dream come true.


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