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Gameton's Chronicles
Some great pictures and commentary from NYC's lower east side.

Kitty Blue
My favorite flash cartoon, and lucky you it's hosted here on

Honey Pot Radio
The dreaded Honey Pot Radio archives.





3/28/08: I never ever post anything here anymore, this site is pretty much just a museum of ancient web design, but in celebration of the coming of the High Holiday April 1, here's a couple of pics of my current car. And I've been posting most of my software projects to And you should try my little college radio map.

2/15/07: The Photoboof pics from the Cyberbuss shindig this weekend are up.

1/30/07: A couple of new programs I've been working on: PictureThis searches Craigslist for pictures and makes collages out of them, and RadioActive tunes into good college radio stations.

10/29/06: The pics are up from the Halloween Photoboof at R Productions.

9/12/06: Just posted the Burning Man pics from The Photoboof, came out great.

4/25/06: I almost never update this page anymore, which is really stupid considering how much work I used to put into it. So a few quick links: Trampoline Simon from this last weekend, Photoboof at a Scion Car promo the weekend before, my new Photoboof software, and a bunch of my other programs. And my email is

10/30/05: The pics from the R Productions Halloween party are up.

10/18/05: The pics from Boof at the Nimby Circus are up.

10/10/05: The pics from Boof at Burning Man Decompression are up, linked from the Boof page.

9/28/05: Believe it or not, Boof was hired by Red Bull for the Love Parade in San Francisco, pics are on the Boof page.

9/9/05: The Boof is back from Burning Man, all the pics are up. Gaze upon them.

8/30/05: The photoboof is heading to Burning Man, holy crap. I built it onto my old meter maid buggy, and rumor has it there's internet on the playa, if so and if the gremlins have mercy I'll try to upload the pics live from the event. They'll go to the Boof page.

Thur (2/24/05): We've got a photobooth now, gets some good action at parties but also the occasional random victim. Everything gets posted right after the pics are taken, and it has an archive too.

Mon (11/22/04): The Complaint Live is live! Sort of an off-shoot, it's at, and people in Central California can call 888-2COMPLAIN to get things off their chest. If you live outside California you probably have even more to complain about than having to use the toll line 415-512-8008. All calls show up live on the site about a minute after you hang up.

Wed (3/17): GUM! Mabel and I went to Bubble Gum Alley, took a bunch of pics.

Fri (3/5): Go check out the Gammablog for a bunch of pics of street art from the East Village in NYC, highly highly recommended.

Mon (1/19): Happy Martin Luther King Day, might I suggest listening to some speeches?

Fri (12/19/03): I put up a page about almost drowning in uge surf a few dys ago. Not fun.

Mon (11/3/03): Just moved over to a new server, we're now On Da Cyberbuss in more ways than one. (If you need good cheap hosting that keeps it in the family, email). If you see the message "An error occurred while processing this directive", it's just because I'm lazy and havn't finished adapting things to the new server. And to keep things interesting, here's a bunch of pics of my meter maid buggy.

Thur (5/10): Pictures and narrative are up from a trip to Pyramid Lake, have a peruse.

Sun (3/10): Pics from the photobooth from our last party are up, a little tame but at times interesting.

Wed (5/23): Whoa it's been a long time since an update, I almost took down this update list. But anyway, in honor of the internet's becoming a non-commercial space again, Bad Connections is now free.

Sat (9/20): We're back from Mexico and we've turned the Wrybread ovens back on, so for now enjoy the tale of hiking the Lost Coast Trail in Northern California.

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