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1. Birth of a Moon - Kitty Blue hates her job.

2. Orbit - The Talk Show Host falls for the Astronomer.

3. Death of a Moon - Kitty Blue is shot out of space and back to earth by aliens.

4. Rodante - Kitty Blue makes friends with a rat.

5. Many Moons - Friend Clarice offers Kitty Blue bad advice about relationships.

6. Delivery - Kitty Blue gets a dress that makes her happy.

7. Gravity - Kitty Blue consults the personal ads.

8. Happiness - Kitty Blue runs into Red Kitty behind a deli counter.

9. Where There's Smoke - Kitty Blue has Red Kitty over to dinner and he explodes.

10. Eclipse - The Talk Show Host tells the Astronomer how he feels about him.

11. Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall - Kitty Blue goes to the shrink.

12. The Star - Kitty Blue thinks she sees the aura of Red Kitty in space.

13. Birth of a Planet - The Red Kitty planet is discovered.

14. Epiphany - The Talk Show Host confronts the Astronomer with intimacy issues.

15. Faith - Kitty Blue finds religion.

16. Devotion - Kitty Blue worships Red Kitty.

17. Evolution - Red Kitty planet evolves.

18. Birth of a Comet - The Comedian makes an appearance on the talk show.

19. Kitty Blue Rocks - Kitty Blue rejects Howard.

20. Ready for Life Off The Talk Show - Host talks bidness with a Network Executive.

21. Obsession - Kitty Blue takes her obsession with Red Kitty to new heights.

22. Melancholia Be Damned - Red Kitty Planet reaches its Middle Ages.

23. The Comet's Journey - The Comedian/Cometian strikes again.

24. Good Morning, Kitty Blue - Kitty Blue delights in her own insanity.

25. Peace on Earth - All the Kitty Blue storylines to date are tied up neatly.

26. Earth is Spared if Only Kitty Blue Could Be - More bad advice from Clarice.

27. Opposites Attract, Refuse to Acknowledge Their Differences and Soldier Along - Relationships are hard.

28. The Phone Call - The Talk Show Host tries to love again.

29. Birth of a Nebula - The Astronomer crashes back to earth nekkid.

30. Road Trip - Kitty Blue takes a road trip with a dog.

37. Return of the Nekkid Astronomer - The Nekkid Astronomer dances.

40. Vertigo - Kitty Blue's view from the bridge.

42. Magic Bus - Bus fantasies.

44. The Journey - Kitty Blue visits Humboldt County.

45. What Lies Beneath - Assessing Kitty Blue.

46. Telethon - Kitty Blue and cast in telethon for cartoon.

47. Diva Kitty - Kitty Blue is a diva.

48. The Meeting - The show within the show.

49. Reversals - Kitty Blue falls off the wagon.

50. Some Enchanted Evening - Shelby has a dinner party.

51. Entertainment Ho' - Kitty Blue tries to attract the attention of the Cartoon Network.

52. Bentobox - Kitty Blue gets special sushi.

53. Be Careful What You Wish For

54. Happy Family

55. Teal Kitty Gets Right Wid God

56. Kitty Blue Eats Pour Deux - Kitty Blue eats and eats.

57. The Babysitter - Ruby Blue gets a walk.

58. A Storm Threatens - A Hurricane threatens New Orleans

59. The Radiant South in the Bittersweet North - Kitty works, Ruby hunts.

60. Kitty's New Job. - Meet the new boss.

61. What is Love - Steve is lovesick and calls his mom.

62. Howard is Happy - Howard has some news for Law. Law has some news for Howard.

63. Procreation - Steve's Mom make a phone call.

New Episodes

Gametone's Kitty Blue Remix - Introduction to the cat.

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I've got you on my list, Kitty Blue.


kitty blue you make me laugh kitty blue you make me cry dear little kitty blue your trials and tribulations are forever an inspiration to meeeee


lel gato es puto cara de verga peluda que la mama del dueno que lo inveto yo me la cogi es su casa.


gato puto chinga a toda tu puta monba requete puta bomba madre arende acoger


please ignore the pathetic attempts at "spanish" below. Kity Blue, you're #1




Advice to Kitty Blue:
Beware of panels flying from multi-dimensional space or you will be lost in the black hole.


kirby said:



kirby said:

You are so weird


kirby said:

You are cuul


Jean_Luc said:

Hey whats up?


Jean_Luc said:

Are you happy with your life?


Kelly said:

Kitty blue I know a friend of mine that dates this Guy with long hair & hes so cool maybe you shpould start dating long hair kittis insted of short hair eh?


Kelly said:

What happened to green kitti anyway kitty blue?

Gametone Teleporter:

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