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29. Birth of a Nebula - The Astronomer crashes back to earth nekkid.
Music: Gametone - Ramfut Summer
Comet ian: S. Lee Gifford
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Talk to Kitty Blue:


yo this was definately amazing! you guys are awesome!liked the nakedness


that is so wierd...last night the same thing happened right outside my front door, all of a sudden there was a crash right next to the garbage and a naked astronaut stepped out of his rocket!


Hey, wait a minute, Kitty--where did Madame Eynon go in the credits?


oh my god this shit is so funny dude ......virtuallypainless@yahoo.com


wheres the hell did green kitty come from.... what happend to the whole obsession and worshiping of red kitty??????

virtuallypainless@yahoo.com .........again


Gametone Teleporter:

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