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25. Peace on Earth - All the Kitty Blue storylines to date are tied up neatly.
Music: Xmas Madness by Gametone
Robbie Roberts: Roberto Natale
Comet ian: S. Lee Gifford
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Talk to Kitty Blue:


Meeyowly x-mas Kitty Blue.


But what happens then? Are the two kitties safe? Or do they get wet?


While I was waiting for the episode to begin I heard some strange noises and some strange voices and then it was over. What happened? I know there was something going on on the screen but what was it? There were a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas. Hope you're okay Kitty Blue!


Anonymous said:

Wow! Cut back on the drugs. Kitty, you're so fickle. You kiss another kitty and forget all about red kitty. mew.


bob said:

kitty blue is good


Gametone Teleporter:

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