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20. Ready for Life Off The Talk Show - Host talks bidness with a Network Executive.
Music: Ramfut Summer by Gametone, Mother of Mothers by Steven Kowalczyk
Talk Show Host: Steven Kowalczyk
Hank: John C. Esposito
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Talk to Kitty Blue:


It takes a long time for the second half to download but it's so cool. I've never taken dance lessons from a blue cat before but then, I've never been so intrigued by tabloid stories about gay love before, either. Kitty Blue rocks! Go Steve! Love, EBW


kitty blue you just 'busta da moves', layin a groove or your hella'flatulent luz


Kitty blue, I love you! I'm totally hooked on you and I've made quite the habit out of you.. I only wish you'd load a bit faster though. Know what else? You are too good for red kitty, kitty blue!
~Jerry L.Tyler


Kitty Blue said:

Mew, mew, mew!


Gametone Teleporter:

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