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Episode 61: What is Love
Steve the talkshow host is lovesick and calls his mom

Music: Bart Ramsey - 39 Strangers
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Talk to Kitty Blue:


Payaso said:

Ah yes, the harrowing tale of a woman from Reno who always fantasized about being a Brooklyn jew. Kitty Bleu putting us all in touch with our inner yenta. I want to hear the old jewish lady orgasm!


Justin Credible said:

I love her darling you made me look beauuutiful!!


Payaso said:

Love the cameo by Justin Credible.


Bartolo Ramsey said:

Hey Kay,

I really enjoyed this episode. I like how you use dialogue, and how your characters ring true. Bravissimo, girl. I hope you're well. Kiss Miss O. for me.

Love, Bart


Gametone Teleporter:

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