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14. Epiphany - The Talk Show Host confronts the Astronomer with intimacy issues.
Music: Doum it All by Gametone
Talk Show Host: Steven Kowalczyk
Episode List

Talk to Kitty Blue:


wow that was great, if there was a music video for that song, that would be it.


Sure wish kitty would ask Kay to send me an e-mail!!
Jen Zwicky


OOooooH! What happens next?

It's bordering on pornography but it's funny as can be. My favorite line? I have my firm feetly planted....Ah, creation - the great mystery. Love, EBW


Darn! I thought Kitty was going to get all spiritual and, well, look what happens instead....



Kay! Looks great. That is John's voice as Ma though. Just thought you should know!

We'll be happy to do more recordings. Let us know what the scene is like.



PSST - put some space there


i say you're weird and that the talk show host should marrythe scientist and get a life


Payaso said:

Kitty litter is not a sandbox!


Gametone Teleporter:

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