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Fri (5/26): The picture highlights from last night's show are up, whoa, Justin Credible and Red took a bath in King Cobra, need I say more.

Wed (5/24): We'll be live again tomorrow night, a special and possibly final broadcast of Honey Pot for a little while as we start our summer travels. Starting around 8pm San Francisco time. And stay tuned for the reunion tour.

Fri (5/19): The picture highlights from last night's show are up.

Thur (5/18): We'll be live tonight, as long as we or you can stand it.

Sat (5/13): The Cyberbuss Costume Ball is upon us, we'll be live all night tonight starting around 8pm or so, come join us.

Thur (5/11): We'll be doing a live broadcast tonight from Headless Point Studios, should be crazy, join us around 8pm San Francisco time.

Sat (5/6): The Honey Pot Archives are now oh so spruced up. Give them a perusing and check out the new audio from the March 16 show, my favorite so far. Also some camera footage from the annual Cyberbuss Phreak the Street. And a completely meaningless Flash animation.

Thur (4/20): No Honey Pot this week, but bunch o new stuff up. Some new Flash movies from April 13, two panoramas from Seemen Studios (the guys who hosted last week's broadcast), and a couple more Flash movies from the March 16 broadcast.

Thur (4/13): We'll be live tonight, a remote broadcast from Seemen Studios, madness is guaranteed. We're hoping to have a web interface for folks to be able to control some lethal machinery from the comfort of their computer, join us around 7 or 8pm San Francisco time. We also posted some highlights from the March 16 show, as well as some super snazzy stuff from April 6. We're really pushing that PG-13 rating. And some pictures from preparations for the Cyberbuss Costume Ball 2000. Phew.

Wed (4/5): We'll be live again tomorrow, doing a remote broadcast from Headless Point Studios, we and you are doomed, starting around 6:30pm San Francisco time.

Thur (3/16): We'll be broadcasting live again tonight, join us around 7pm or so.

Tue (3/14): Finally some audio highlights from the weekly Honey Pot show are up: check out some hysterical prank calls from last week's show.

Thur (3/9): Ugh I hate to fill up my updates list with this, but yet again Wrybread Radio broadcasts tonight (and every Thursday), dip into the honeypot with us.

Wed (3/1): Wrybread Radio will be live again tomorrow, a special remote broadcast from Kal Seemen's warehouse, home of battle robots and strange fire sculptures. Join us 5:30 to 11p San Francisco time, yikes.

Thur (2/24): Another episode of Wrybread Radio tonight, 5:30 San Francisco time, tune in and experience the horror of the future of the internet.

Thur (2/17): We'll be live tonight, Wrybread Radio, tune in for some fine chaos.

Wed (2/9): We'll be live tomorrow around 5:30pm San Francisco time with more Wrybread Radio. I put up some highlights from Sunday's broadcast in MP3 if you just can't wait.

Thur (1/27): We'll be live this Saturday webcasting a benefit for the Cyberbuss to get her a much-needed and absurdly expensive new crankshaft, join us.

(1/16): I put a sprucing on the Baja tour, go read the strange and sordid tale of driving through Mexico aboard the Cyberbuss.

Sat (1/15): It's Martin Luther King's birthday, he's in my opinion the best orator since the invention of the tape recorder. If anyone knows of a site with audio files of his speeches, let me know and I'll post.

Tue (12/07): Another Wrybread adventure is up, read all about the tampon mouse and Sorbet as they made their merry way through Death Valley.

Mon (11/15): The Live-In Vehicles and the Wry Signs tour got a sprucing.

Tue (11/9): Just what you've been waiting for, you can now buy the full Bad Connections in MP3 form. Talk to our robot and get instant access. Let it not be said that we're not doing our part to unseat the music industry.

Wed (10/27): Check out the Tales from a Yoga Ashram, and give a listen to some clips from Wrybread Radio at Burning Man 1999.

Fri (9/3): Another dispatch from Burning Man 99 is up, thanks to the miracle of the satellite phone.

Tue (10/5): Happy day, wrybread.com is now searchable. And if you just can't decide what to click, try the randomizer.

Thur (9/23): Whatever you do, don't click here.

Sat (9/12): Lots more Burning Man stuff up.

Wed (9/1): We're live from Burning Man 1999 right now thanks to the miracle of the satellite phone, check it out.

Tue (8/24): Just put up Part II of the Saga of Van Glorious. If you havn't read Part 1, you should start there to get a full sense of the calamity.

Tue (8/10): Just for pure goofs, I put up this weekend's adventure.

Sat (7/24): We're live right now from Webzine99, making goofy movies and sending them in in real time, have a look.

(7/13): The latest dispatch from the Black Rock Desert is up, tales from the New Moonie mini-festival.

Wed (6/30): Just for pure goofs, Wrybread got a new front door. If you're using a 4.0+ browser, try it out, let me know if it squeaks.

Sun (6/20): The chatroom got a revamp, and I put up a couple of slideshows from the gonzo Cyberbuss Costume Ball.

Tue (5/25): Psst, each time you click those loaves in the corner loaves you'll get a random sound from the site....

Mon (5/24): The rewrite continues, and the friends section got spiffier, and now features the strangely entertaining list of people who link to Wrybread.

Sun (5/16): The site spruce up continues with a revamped text-based sitemap.

Fri (5/14): Hooray hooray, Wrybread got a new sitemap, comments invited. Colors too much? Too cramped? Etc.? If you have separation anxiety, you can still use the old sitemap, or if you want to go way back, here's the sitemap before that.

Wed (4/28):  We'll be live tonight, from about 9pm to midnite Pacific time. Come on by for our live RealAudio stream, live video, and live chat. 

Fri (4/23): Okay, it's officially unveiled, Crack Cam for the masses.

Wed (4/21): The folks over at the Gametone Universe (the Wrybread sister site) are still cranking it out, check out his coverage of a good old East Village, New York protest, and also the underground rite of Spring known as Lovesphere.

Thur (4/15): Last night we broadcasted our first live audio from the Burning Man Drummer's Collective jam, check out the archive.  We'll be broadcasting every Wednesday, 8pm to Midnight San Francisco time.

Sat (4/3): We're back from Baja, make sure you read the report.  This Wednesday join us for live drumming/goofiness from the Burning Man Drummer's Collective, with a live cam and maybe live audio.  9pm to midnite San Francico time.