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Buying Bad Connections electronically lets you listen to the calls immediately (right now), and plus it saves you a couple of bucks. You'll be instantly and automatically given access to a page that has the entire album in MP3 and RealAudio format, as well as printable listings of the calls.



You can pay by credit card, checking account, or using a 1-900 phone number. Just click one of the buttons at the bottom of this page. All charges appear on your bill as "Verotel, Inc.", which is the company that does our billing. Don't worry, we're not going to rip you off.

2. Within 5 seconds you'll be given access to the Promised Land, which has the entire album in streaming RealAudio and downloadable MP3. Remember to write your password down, since they only show it to you once. If you lose it, email me.
3. If you have trouble with the audio stuff, fear not, there's a help file to help you along.
4. Also awaiting are printable listings of the calls with the cover art in webpage format, WordPerfect format and/or a Word document. If you have trouble downloading the WordPerfect and Word files, try holding shift while clicking the links.
5. That's pretty much it, it's really easy. Feel free to email me any questions.