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The Gametone Universe
Pronounced "gamma tone", this is the Wrybread parallel east coast universe. Pictures, words, music and movies from the New York City underground, as well as pictures of absolutely incredible homemade instruments. Updated constantly, and in a whole nother class from any other website I've experienced.



A big crazy silver schoolbus populated by big crazy silver people. One of the early examples of internet culture extending into non-virtual form, and a frequent Wrybread collaborator. Lots of on-line virtual trips and all that, a must read.



Red's site
As of writing this, her last update was her coverage of placing 4th in a combination waterski and snowboard contest, and she wants to play her trumpet while competing in the next one, enough said. Some very bizarre things going on over at Red's place, keep an eye on her recent sightings.



Camp Chaos
One of the few so-called comedy sites on the net that actually manages to be funny. Definitely one of the best sites around, and be sure to check out the prank phone call machine.



The Odd Duck
Imagine that, a website by people who can actually write, and who are funny when they mean to be. Strange. Their prank prank phone calls are hilarious, and their whole site is good.



Ammo Dump Radio
That rarest of beasts: prank phone calls that aren't made by 17-year-olds immitating the Jerky Boys. Some hysterical stuff here.



Mr. Sharkey's Bus Barn

A beautiful and amazingly thorough site dedicated to converting school busses to habitable works of art. A quote from the site: "The Net's largest compendium of information relating to House Buses and House Trucks".



An absolutely amazing site, full of what I'd call experimental Dadaist internet art. He completely revamps the site almost monthly. Probably my favorite site, it'll make you smile just at how brilliant it is, and a big inspiration for The Abyss.



The Gallery of the Absurd

The name pretty much says it, it's a gallery of absurd objects. An incredibly good sense of the absurd, and his commentary actually manages not to cloy, imagine that. Fantastic.



The Fool Buss

As of writing these words (January 2000) it's a daily journal by a 17-year old converting an old school bus to a Road Home. Occasionally hysterical, very very good writing, but be forewarned that sending him an email will result in a merciless critique of your website.



The Halloween Documents
These two memos accidentally leaked by the bastards at Microsoft detailing their plans to hamstring Unix if it becomes a threat are a must read, especially for anyone who still insists on using Internet Explorer.



They help us with our live realaudio broadcasts. Great people, and their site is an excellent reference for rave culture.



Citizen's Site
The virtual home of the gargantuanly talented Citizen1. Hear his music, and see the country ambient outlaw in action.



The "Squid List" and the site in general is one of the big catalyzers of San Francisco culture, and it's also the home of documentary film maker Scott Beale. Great stuff.



An unbelievably good resource for website design, and their "daily sightings" show some incredible webpages. For webdesigners, this is the motherlode. Incidentally, I "borrowed" the starry background to this page from them.


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