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Ride the Wrybread Taxi:
Brought to you by the folks who
brought you Bad Connections! Yippee!
Do the Crack Dance
What the hell is this?
This is Crack Cam™, a few movies shot from my new work space which looks directly over the crack spot of choice in my lovely neighborhood.  Yes, Wrybread is now baked in the glow of the crack pipe.  When I'm at my pututuer, turn my head left and that's my view.  Yes I know, I'm a lucky man.

Why the hell is this?
I guess every website gets the VIP room it deserves, and at present this is the VIP area of Wrybread.Com.   Congratulations on finding us, and welcome.  I'm a little worried about coming off as some Orwellian "Little Brother" with the whole invasion of privacy thing.  But then again these videos don't really show any faces, and I'll keep the street address hush hush to keep away the police types.....  It's all very confusing, opinions are invited

What the hell next?
Anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking about mounting one of those radio transmitter bugs down there so I can hear their crack ramblings and put a soundtrack to the movies.  These guys are constantly shouting at each other, and I'm sure it's interesting......... Also, I could easily put the live cam back up.......

What the hell do you think?
Let it all out, speak and be spoken to.  What do you think about the issues raised by this little internet shenanigan? Want to see what other people think? There are no wallflowers allowed at Wrybread, everyone must voice their opinion.

How the hell can you watch?
I've found that it's still pretty much impossible to compress video at rates that look good over a dialup connection, or at least there's no method I know of, so these are compressed at either 72k or 56k using RealAudio.  No, you can't stream that over a 56k modem, since no 56k modem actually goes at 56k, don't ask me why.  So us dialup types will have to download the files and play them from our harddrives, which should work fine since these are all pretty small files.  If you're on a high-bandwidth connection you should have have no problem streaming them, even through a firewall.  If you need realaudio help, click here.  If all this confuses the hell out of you or if you have a suggestion for a better method, email me

If you're wondering how to do this stuff, all is revealed here.  Now all you need is some crack fiends.

So for now, enjoy the Crack Dance in all its many beautiful forms.  Try to send at least one comment using the beeper window at the bottom of the page.  And go leave some thoughts on the Crack Cam Bulletin Board.

-Hugh Mann April 7 1999

The Movies
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Good Old Boys
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Crack Dance
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Oily Nights
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