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I love this show, probably my favorite so far. The background music was extra stellar, and the mix with the calls is perfect. In my opinion these calls are either great ambient music or hysterical pranks, depending on your mood.


1- The Singing Audition. Justin Satiable and Roby Red answer an ad for a band needing a vocalist.
2- Big Beats on the Answering Machine. Roby answers an ad for a band needing a drummer.
3- The Paranoid DJ Part 1. One of my favorite calls, Justin Satiable is this DJ's secret admirer.
4- The Paranoid DJ Part 2. We call the DJ back armed with more data on his paranoidness.
5- Doctor Sexual Disorder. Someone advertised in the local free paper offering to provide "therapy" for sexual disorders. Roby wasn't buying it.
6- Is This Catherine? We pranked Rudy, who'd helped host our show the week before. We have no shame.
7- Work Some Mojo. This one is pretty funny, someone in the chatroom gave us this phone number and told us to say we "want some mojo worked on a bad man named Chip." I think he was just making the scenario up, and I think the phone number was for a call girl, so this is sort of a double prank.
8- Funtime With Cyber Sam. Sometimes the music inspires Roby to break out in song.
9- Garbled Parking Tickets. Justin calls to serve some parking tickets to this guy. The recording is a little distorted but the call cracks me up.
10- I'm Lonley Tonight. Justin calls a psychic for some late night companionship.
11- Honey Pot Blurb. Just a snippet that I thought worked well.
12- Fifi and D'Art. Fifi calls a local cafe to find out how her art is selling.
13- Call us 267-DUMP. Another well working blurb.
14- El Diablo Calls El Puta. I love this call, El Diablo tries to buy some pot from Eddie.
15- Sargeant Witherspoon. It seems we aroused the interest of Sargeant Witherspoon.
16- Justin Satiable Calls a Call Girl. Someone in the chat room gave us her number.
17- The Call Girl Calls Back.
18- The Airline Incident. The first 5 minutes or so are boring, but after that this is probably our most insane call. I actually had to come running upstairs to have Roby cut the call short. Yikes.


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uh what? said:
(about Track 1 - Singing Audition)

eek... whatever


dk-mason said:
(about Track 14 - El Diablo and El Puta Grande)

Listening to the archives dated March 1st had me laughing so much in the library the clerk came to ask me what was up.


me said:
(about Track 3 - Paranoid DJ Part 1)



Anonymous Coward said:

Ho's in Alley!
Lemon Chicken for Dave!


Anonymous Coward said:
(about Track 6 - Is this Catherine?)


Justin Satiable said:

Who is calling themselves Justin Satiable?? That's been my DJ name for 5 or 6 years! Make up your own name next time.


Anonymous Coward said:
(about Track 9 - Garbled Parking Tickets)


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