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Meelor says Thank You!



Emmallyea and M



Firehorse and the Subtle Body Beings



James Byrd Jr



Pope Meelor



M   em   Xylor



Tom Maucher



country girl



Belen Cortizo of the Resistance Theater



Kenneth Wright



G. Miles

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Sunday Afternoon in the LoveSphere
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LoveSphere 4
The fourth annual
extravaganza of equinoxical exhilaration
is a rich trove of
pagan free jazz,
alien anarchy
and country music.

Terri Ferrari of Metal Tiger also shot video
and is doing Real Video.

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Saturday Night in the LoveSphere
Here's your invite to the event
as written by Citizen One

Well its time once again for our musical
Vernal Equinox celebration,
the one called LOVESPHERE.
This year makes number 4.
This year the crew has transformed themselves
into 4 dimensional beings
and they are putting on an Opera
as only those alien free jazzers
in full Spring Regalia know how to do it.

This year features:
M as Pistis Sophia
Citizen1 as Meelor the human/worm
G.Heidt as Zylor the Imperial Exalted One
DJ Firehorse as the helmsmen on the bridge
Emmallyea as the Subtle Body Being
and the Mammals of Zod Theater Orchestra
G.miles as the Perv/Berzerker
Ryan Sawyer - drums
and more...

Don't miss this exciting voyage into the UNKNOWN...

Friday Night in the LoveSphere
tickets are only $5

March 19 and 20, 1999 at 8pm
March 21 at 2pm


I hope to see every single one of you there...

Metal Tiger

Ash from the Resistance Theater
helping us out on the lights on Sunday.

But chances are
you did not get or react
to your
pre-millenial invite.

Here's your second chance.

LoveSphere 4More Love 4 Photos

Xylor the Evil One






Ryan Sawyer






Hootchie Mamma



Hootchie Mamma on Casio VL tone



Hootchie Mamma a go go!



dj firehorse



fire and miles



M vs Xylor gif movie



Quynton Wright

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