Wrybread Music

Here's a few CDs I made way back in the early dark ages of the intershintzel.
Hugh Mann - Travelling Through Musical States
Traveling Through Musical States Sort of my greatest hits, its a montage of my musical phases, from cardboard tubes to techno. Hear It
Hugh Mann - Guitar & Mouth
Guitar and Mouth Me playing under the strange musical pseudonym "Alec Bennett", with John Bagdasarian. As the title says, it's music of the Guitar & Mouth. Hear It
Hugh Mann - Crossed Lines and Bad Connections
Crossed Lines and Bad Connections A prank phone call CD I made. Call two semi random people and let them figure things out. Hear It
Honey Pot - Doom
A bunch of pranks and excerpts from a live internet show we used to do, the dreaded Honey Pot Radio. Hear It



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