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Welcome!  This site contains the sights, sounds and story of a trip I took to India and Nepal.  Some of the pages have many images.  Give them time to load - it's worth the wait.  If you need to stop in the middle, remember the name of the page you're on, and you can link to it from the list at the bottom of this page later.  

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Entering India and Nepal


Clackity Clack


City on Lakes

Sacred India

Snake Charmers, Part 1

Brass Band

Blue City


Camel Contact, Part 1

Camel Contact, Part 2

Pink City

Elephant Festival


Reunion, Part 1

Reunion, Part 2

Back in Time


Express to Peace

"Sadhu Life"

Open Countryside

Pilgrim Bus Stop

Temples of Passion

Sacred City, Holy River

Internal Cleansing


Riding the Rails


Exchange, Part 2

Trek, Day One

Day Two, Year 2055

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Back to India

April 30th




Hunger Strike


April 30th, 1999


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