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LoveSphere 3
once again
it is

L o v e S p h e r e

Time for superhuman feats for some
but ultimately

u n k n o w a b l e

It occurs on the Vernal Equinox in NYC
But the
LoveSphere 3L o v e S p h e r e  S p o r eT o u r  LoveSphere 3
may soon be inoculating
at a location near and dear to you.

Fetid Hole
Seeping Sewage
Malarial Miasma
Ever Present
Under Sweet Oil

of Orange

is a bunch of cool , goofy links.
That are
Not Immediately Relevant
to the
LoveSpere 3 Story
So. if I were you I would
check em out later
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to click the funny looking
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