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The Mammals of Zod


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Emmallyea Swon Young was born into a family of artists.  Her father moved to Yogaville, and she grew up around a bunch of swamis.  She was a rebel at the ashram and has been a rebel ever since, in her own, strange and intermittently charming  way.
  She followed the Grateful Dead for a while, and finally joined the Mammals of Zod, where spiritual outlaws and freedom freaks meet.   She is the soprano singer for the Mammals of Zod, and sings like a bird, both literally and allusionistically (i.e., Mr. Parker.)  Her tight harmonies with Daniel Carter's horn playing are truly amazing.

In Lovesphere 3, Emmallyea plays the role of a mermaid who is going through the very uncomfortable process of growing legs.

Gary Heidt

Gary Miles and Emmallyea        Emmallyea at the Sidewalk Cafe

Emmallyea  and Gary Miles at the Mammals

tape release gig at the Sidewalk Cafe. 1/3/99

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