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The Mammals of Zod



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Matthew Heyner photo not available

Katherine Chronis not really a Mammal, but in the Inferno anyway.

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Mammals of Zod

Gary Miles  -- Electric Guitar

M -- Vocals

Sabir Mateen -- Trumpet and Saxophone

Emmallyea Swon Young -- Vocals

Ira Atkins  -- Drums

Citizen One  -- Vocals

Gary Heidt -- Bass

Meg Monthgomery -- Trumpet Mouthpiece

and Vocals

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Daniel Carter -- Saxophone

Sabir Mateen -- Piano

Gary Heidt -- Electric Guitar

Citizen One -- Sousaphone

Emmallyea Swon Young -- Vocals

Gary Miles -- Saxophone

Ira Atkins Drums

Meg Montgomery -- Trumpet

Kid Lucky -- Vocals

LoveSphere 3

LoveSphere Purgatory


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