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Framed | Frameless

And so Santa traveled by sleigh, car or bus to Cupertino,

and parked smack dab in front of Apple Computer.   Luckily the parking lot is also home to a snazzy little bar called the Peppermill, which might go some way towards explaining some of Apple's marketing decisions a few years ago.  Santa regrouped before embarking on a grand tour of the bar.  Apple headquarters could wait. 

Santa couldn't have asked for a better place.  The Peppermill is a bar in the Vegas tradition, with neon everywhere or, failing that, red or blue lights.  Santa settled into the Fireside Lounge, which was a couch circling an ornamental jacuzzi which, naturally, had a fire percolating from its center.  

This was a place Santa could really get comfortable.

Santa's waitress had cleavage exploding out of her boustier, and she did an amazing job of remembering just which Santa ordered which blended tropical drink.  What more could Santa ask for? Santa built up quite a thirst spreading all that good cheer, so the humungous margaritas with their kitchy accoutrements were just the ticket.  The cleavage on our waitress was just a bonus.

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