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Santanarchy 98
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Roving red hoardes of teddy bear terrorists doth keep the norm off balance.



ok so I been good.   What now?


Hizzity ho ho ho.
>From your friends at The Odd Duck
Very sweet site, I wanna be a Santa



vibrate me saint nick
god damit



i live in FRANCE I'M A FRIEND OF MATEO IS IT A PROTESTAION against commercial abuse ?



please santa i want some more            



Jeez already, you really must want someone to beep you!
Okay -- thanks for the Santarchy '98 pix!
Hope you saw mine



                              do not post this pager message.
                                 - the messiah



Like the NYC Marathon (or probably any marathone for that matter), indulging - or getting kidnapped into - participating in the San Jose Santa Con is something worth doing once. It's a releief to be back in the Big Apple - good to see a faithful rendering of the event; double good to see Santa CLAW (my kidnapper) front and center. Happy New Year.




                               ho ho ho                 


Oh, my! This will not do at all! All this attention for Santa Claw(!) can do nothing but harm. It will inflate his Santa-ego and drive him to the brink of InSantaty! Send restraints before it's too late!...Send Help--STOP--Little Men in suits--STOP--big silver Claw--STOP--Reign of Terrrror--STOP--Situation dangerous!--STOP--SANTA CLAW MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!

 santa CLAW!                santa CLAW!      santa CLAW!            santa CLAW!

checking out the santa site. did you know the letters of santa are the same as satan? Santanarchy is fucking cool. -Sean from Costco Soulmate Outlet Store.



Beware of Santa (long pause) C-L-A-W!!!
PS. The Santa that was arrested was in fact sent to the clinker and had a very large cell mate, who took pity on little scrawny Santa and did not fuck him up the ass.

PSS. Another santa was issued a citation for smoking in a bar. I believe that was only the 21st ticket issued in San Jose for that, since the no smoking ordinance was passed something like a year ago. Then again, Santa Claw is very bad with figures and his memory is severly hampered by the incesssant(a) voices that whisper bootleg carrolllls into his left ear. (The right ear has no such affliction.)


Feed me Santa!



I'll be good.



                      Pinkie! Is that you?  I want a ham sandwich...
       on toast, with the corners cut off.
         You know the way I like it done.



Props from Chicago!
Nice work, my fellow Santa!



you are a freakshow on two legs.              



Greetings from Portland, from one of the red horde, three years running.

An observation:  You mention that "most of the participants are digerati".  I find such an observation to be quite irritating. Let me tell you why.

I possess and use a computer (obviously), but am loathe to consider myself part of the "digerati". One of the biggest problems with the Santa events, IHMO, has been the cyber-geek who possesses no social skills, acting like a frat boy who has had his first beer. They read about the Santa event on their computer and figure that it is an excuse to behave like an asshole and get away with it, an opportunity to take part in something they are too socially inept to initiate on their own. After the event, they disappear back into their cyberworld.   Feh. Frankly, I'd be embarrassed to be considered part of the "digerati" if my observations of past behavior is any indication.

God that felt good.

With that out of the way, I thank you for your site.  It is very pretty.

(Name and address withheld by my own request)



                                Kill yer dog



Yah you just restle out yer mother-luvin' beeper,
ya wouldbe digerati-doo. 
      -- Santa CLAW


Santa Claw Iz Totally Kewl!
signed.  Edward Scissor Handz




Sorry I couldn't make it this year....
Was there in spirit though....
aJENta Claus



ho ho fucking ho.        



you fucking ho
luv - -
kandy klaux

PS where is my picture, dammit?



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