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The Cops and the Bulldozers come to tear down the Esperanza Garden.


My photo documentation of the bulldozing is not that great as the cops kept us at a distance. Here they are using baracades to push us away from the corner of Avenue C and 7th Street.

Plastic handcuff were the cop fashion for the day.

Folks had locked themselves down in various ways
to try and impede the destruction of the garden.

Several people had handcuffed themselves inside the Coqui (the frog tree-house)

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What good is more housing if the quality of life is sub-standard, at best just an asphaly jungle? Gardens are for people, like "low cost housing" is for people. What's Guiliani really after?

Set up a website. Get a newsletter going. Get in the press. Make this an issue. We are warriors for peace. Just what does Guiliani have in mind? What is his purpose? To lower the quality of life in NYC? For whom??? Why???


Hear hear on that Giulliani point. And whenever that little Hitler gets into his self-rigteous "I'm just being an honest guy doing what's right" mode, we have to remember that he granted a very unusual building permit for an 80+ story residential building to someone who's been contributing steadily to all his campaigns, Donald Trump.

So fine, destroy the city's culture and character, Giulliani, but don't do it from the pretense that you're some crusader for The Good.




Mr Guliano needs land? There is a squatter taking up 1/4 acre of land on Staten Island. It is being used as a construction yard by a company which pays no rent, has no sanitation no running water and has dangerous equipment all over . The place is a mess. But Mr. Mayor has no concern!


I really like flowers. I really like gardens. I mean I really fucking like them. Power to Esperanza. Hope to one and all. Keep the faith.
M.Germino Nashville, Tennessee


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