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LoveSphere 3

LoveSphere III was held on the
vernal equinox (March 21-22, 1998)
in the basement of
The Piano Store on trazecheeky Ludlow St
in the bar-ridden section of  the
Lower East side of Manhattan.
LoveSphere 3
Gary Heidt's conception was that
The Mammals of Zod (his group)
would be in the inferno,
the dj's would be in Purgatory
and the Gametones
would be in Paradise.
Two out of three ain't bad.

Citizen One traveled freely throughout this Comedy
making things happen.

The sewers in this neighborhood are old and leaky.
The Mammals performed the closest to the puddle of feh
but we were all breathing the same air.
And my group (The Gametones)
was the furthest back in that airless basement ,
Shadows of two Gametones
We were desperately vaporizing fragrant
essential oils
and burning incense.
But they gave as much New Age relief as
a cigarette butt covered urinal cake.

But despite this, some interesting
music, images and performances happened.
These pages are here to share the experience with you.
You may now resume breathing.

LoveSphere III was put together with the
generous help of The Museum of Sound Recording
and a grants from Meet the Composer.

I wish to thank both these organizations. 

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Mammals of Zod in LoveSphere and Elsewhere

Visit Purgatory in LoveSphere 3

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