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After leaving San Francisco the Cyberbuss crew camped at a lake overnight before heading over to Burning Man. Here we are in the morning just as the Pollo Enfermo crew met up with us in their white stretch limo stuffed to the gills with lumber and such. One of two limos that showed up that year on the Playa. Great minds think alike.

On da Buss heading to the Man
Wrybread Radio 2000
Igo YugoToo BM 2000 preview
Rock Swivel and Bob

CyberBuss camp part 1 on the Cyberbuss site Part 2

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nice pano
on da way to da show
wid Flo,
da Limo,
and da rest of Pollo Enfermo...


Sitting here i turn my head left and watch the crack addicts outside my window doing their thing (pissing, smoking, drinking, breaking bottles of Thunderbird or whatever that crap is they drink), and then i turn right and put my mouse over some snazzy looking arrow and there's a desert lake and a desert vehicle scrolling across my computer screen. Thank god for computer screens and deserts.




i wanna go back, i wanna be in the desert.

what the hell am i doing here, dammit janet


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