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Burning Man

There is a whole bunch of stuff  to see here.
To warn the squeamish there is some nudity.*

Gametone at Burning Man 2000 with the Cyberbuss

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Photos and sound from Chris Baxter's Video
Sights and Sounds from Chris Baxter's Video of Burning Man 1998
Chris a Fire Eater and Magician has performed with the Bindlestiff Family Circus.
I took his hi-8 video and pillaged sounds and panoramas from it.
Featuring the costume contest.
Here's a link to his fantastic website about his travels in India.
email to Chris

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CybertrashHugh Mann at Burning ManBreakdance Joe
Hugh Mann's definitive Wrybread coverage
within a hundred foot radius of Cyberbuss central.
  Plus his shaking it up with the power of modulated EMF.
Pirate Wradio on the Playa.  Real Audio galore and more.