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The Crack Whore Home Page, making the internet that much of a better place.



Murrf's Favorites. Murrf somehow manages to be a fan of both Jesus and Wrybread.



Greystate Recording, who says of my Crack Cam: "I don't think an explanation would do this one any justice...."



iama.stupid.cow.org are of course fans of Wrybread. His pictures page is hysterical, and if you poke around hard enough you'll find every South Park episode in RealVideo.



Terravision.com has me wedged right between links to two different blow up sex dolls.



Camp Chaos, still one of my favorite sites.



Wired Wheels, an article in the on-line San Francisco Chronicle, said of my writing in Baja Mexico, "He couldn't have written these words from a cubicle in Multimedia Gulch, or even a corner office in some high-tech high rise. But Mann's meanderings from some star-drenched Mexican burg could be a siren's call for some pinched, pained, overworked Silicon Valley type, who's as welcome as any on the Buss." Amen.



Diane Torr, "Drag King Ambassador to the World," knows how bad we all knead Wrybread.



AmmoDumpRadio links to my pranks. I highly recommend listening to their pranks to this Spiro guy. Cracks me up every time.


Tito of Prank.net likes my telephone terrorism.






The Gigsville Community Scrapbook of Burning Man 98, a bunch of Burning Man stuff.



The Link Conservatory is one of those things that I have no idea what it is, but it sends me a ton of hits. Ditto on Pro Launch.



Netscape What's Cool had great taste, AOL notwithstanding. We've been featured with them a bunch of times:
Crossed Lines (Jan. 8)
Crack Cam (Fri Apr. 23)
Road Homes (can't find the link)
Baja Mexico (ditto)
Evil Cave Boy (ditto again)



CoolSiteOfTheDay.com featured Bad Connections on December 28, 1998.



LaughingSquid.com links to my Santa Anarchy stuff.



Smiley likes us, and he even filed us under "Lifestyles".


Ride the Wrybread Taxi: