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Some obscure programs I really like:


Use it with WinAmp to get live web broadcasts from regular shmoes. A whole high fidelity world of grassroots internet broadcasting, some absolutely amazing things going on here. Sounds way way way better than RealAudio, especially if you're on anything faster than a dialup. I hope the damn media corporations are quivering, download this program to make them quiver that much more.


Get rid of that piece of crap Notepad that ships with Windows. Get this program instead, it's a joy to use. Finally there's a word processor that wasn't designed for bankers.


Irfan View
Freeware image viewer, deceptively simple program, fantastic for organizing and viewing arge archives of images, and it's the best slideshow program I've found.


Black Widow
Every program these guys make is great, and this one is hysterical, shows you all the files in someone's website whether they're linked or not. Highly recommended, now if only they'd write an operating system for the PC.


If you have one of those web cam thingies, this turns it into a motion-detection camera, only recording while there's activity. A well designed program.


Programs I'm glad exist: Adobe Photoshop (my favorite program), Sound Forge (a near tie with Photoshop), CuteFTP, Adobe Premiere, AVI Constructor, WebCam32, WaveLab, WinAmp, Gotcha, Gif Construction Set.



Web Tips:


Searches a bunch of search engines simultaneously. The advantage is you can see which search engine gives you the best results; the disadvantage is that it simplifies your search queries so you can't really use snazzy boolean logic.



Ride the Wrybread Taxi: