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But as they say, "nature shall provide," and soon enough the snow was doing a nice job of keeping us insulated.  It was warmish inside, and we were easily warm enough sleeping, even after we had to shut off the stove because of the headache thing and also because leaving a stove burning full blast for like 5 hours does strange things to the stove (it started making ominous creaking sounds).


Our warmness strategy was to use multiple sleeping bags and blankets, and it worked really well, and I'd go so far as to say we were toasty.


Of course the payoff of driving to a ski resort in a blizzard is that the skiing is fabulous.  We found lots and lots of untouched powder.  Here's a picture of Guzz after wiping out really bad.

He'd been cultivating his trademark stunt, the "Double Face Plant".  He demonstrated it on what must have been his tenth turn of the day.


Here he is walking up to his lost ski, which is buried somewhere under the snow.  This is called "The Walk of Shame".   It's another Guzz specialty, and he usually performs it immediately after his trademark Double Face Plant.  It's a real bitch in this snow since you sink up to your hips, so I was impressed.


Here he is in his moment of triumph.  He actually bought some fancy "powder straps", which are supposed to keep his skis attached in case of a fall in deep powder.  Ha.


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