Here's some shots of a little climb I made from a mountain pass somewhere in Nevada. 
June 1998.

As always, click a picture to see it full sized.


vanmountain.JPG (97175 bytes)

The mountain with Van Glorious in the foreground.   This is at about 9,000 feet.


mountain1.JPG (58854 bytes)

Another view of the mountain.  As always seems to be the case, it was much farther away than it looked.


mountaintop.JPG (62583 bytes)

But eventually I did reach the summit.  Note the storm clouds:  it was so windy I couldn't look into the wind, and the wind carried hail the exact size and hardness of unground salt, which must have been hitting me at 60 or 70 miles per hour.  It was so windy that I couldn't piss because even facing away from the wind my piss would blow back at me from the slipstream.... too windy to piss, that's a new one to me.


mountain4.JPG (58310 bytes)

This is looking down one of the snow fields.   Much fun on the descent.


mountain5.JPG (76251 bytes)

Looking out over a ridge (remember:  it is WINDY).



mountain3.JPG (65284 bytes)

Nothing like finishing a climb and having a WryBreadBox waiting for you.


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