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Wed (2/24):  If you happen to be reading this between 8pm and midnite San Franciscan time, we're broadcasting the Burning Man Drummer's Collective live from Wrybread Ministries World Headquarters.  Come join us.  We'll be doing this every Wednesday.  Next week, if our gremlin tamer is successful, we'll have live audio and video.  Wrybread is Rising.

Thur (2/11):  Another dispatch from Agent Guano is up.  And check out the realvideo movies of last night's Burning Man Drummer's Collective.  Also, go vent a little bit at the Wrybread Chatterbox.

Wed (2/10):  Wrybread will be live tonight, broadcasting the Burning Man Drummer's Collective, from 8pm to midnite Pacific time.  You can watch on the live cam and chat and all that.

Sat (2/6):  We now have a live cam, for whatever that's worth.  Have a look.  It's still in the heavy beta stages, but if all goes well we'll have live full motion video, no plug-ins needed.  Yes, we are rising.   And check out our budding young nubile chatroom.