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We spent the night weaving up freaking Route 1, which is always fun when you're 40 feet long and creating little snakes of headlights from the cars in little traffic jams behind us, and finally we pulled in around 2am. We quickly got drunk and offloaded the Cushman and spent the rest of the night tear-assing around the place, doing donuts in the parking lot with like 4 people on the trunk and Notorious B.I.G. blasting on the stereo. An image that'll stick with me for a long time is happening upon Cyber Sam at like 5am on a gravel road and attempting to speed towards him with the top light flashing and the music pumping and the passengers hooting and Sam literally running away from us into the woods. Here's a pic of Razz after the morning's round of hungover donuts.
That day was the craft's fair down on the Pier, Point Arena is an amazing town, sort of like a real-life Northern Exposure type place, only truth is always stranger than fiction. The fair was mostly a blur though, at least as far as my camera was concerned.



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c y b e r sAM said:

reverend ron revvin' it up there


BOOB said:

I must be trippin'!


tc said:

I'm glad you still have this site up.






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