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Video Panorama Paradiso  Click for a larger version
They first gathered at El Jardin Del Paradiso 
  Click on it for a larger version.

Dancing up 6th Street towards Avenue A.

Gardening Music
Hear the sounds and music and dance along with the pictures.

Scary climb

Giant Tripod Sitter
The Gardeners set up tripods of steel poles at each end of the block
  between 6th St. and 7th Streets on Avenue A.
They were anchored from slipping by sandbags and human guardians at the base.
The sacrificial pole sitters climbed to the top with rope ladders. 

Good Reception?
He probably got great cell phone reception up there.

Leaf man draped in the Stars and Stripes w/gas mask.

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For background on the issue, visit Jayne Doe's website
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More coverage of this event by the New York Free Media Alliance

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Yes, cities need community gardens.
there are many valuable life lessons that can be absorbed from
watching things grow and with the knowledge of where food comes from.
I live on an organic farm in upstate New York,
and do you know, some of the best farm workers that we have had
come from the city and truly seem to appreciate
what we are all trying to preserve.
They don't take it for granted.
There should be more agricultural opportunities for urban people,
and the community gardens are valuable.


Yeah, cities need communitiy gardens...it's really obvious.
Here in Vienna there are lots of them and it helps to relax the atmosphere..
The pictures combined with the sound of the demonstration for the public
gardens was fine (almost like being there :-) )
Ciao Doppelzoo


I saw something green today. It's about time. It's been a long winter.


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