Hear the Williamsburg Sessions
The Gametones invade Marianna's Williamsburg Brooklyn Loft for a recording session.



Marianna laid out a Middle Eastern feast for the hungry Gametones.
Marianna bifurcates to summon the spirits.


She struggles to pull herself together.
CitiZen One
CitiZen One warms up on the Guitar.
Hugh Mann sets up for the recording.
Hugh Mann setting up to record the session.
Hugh Mann
We hanged the microphones from the sprinkler pipes.
Michael Stewart playing the Multi-Gambira
The instruments from left to right: GameGongs, GameChimes, GameDrums, Michael Stewart playing the Multi-Gambira, GameBao.

Michael Stewart on Multi-Gambira


Michael Stewart takes a bow and a drumstick to the Multi-Gambira.
Gametone mic on GameBao
Michael Natale bowing the GameBao.



I'm playing the GameGongs in the foreground.

Here I am again on the Multi-Gambira.

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