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No PoGo Burning Man Photos here.
Pogo's great pictures of the 1997 and 1998 Burning Man Festival, after a 3 year exhibit on wrybread.com, are off to a well earned rest.

I will have satellite uplink news from the Cyberbuss and Wrybread Radio from this years Burning Man Festival 2002 featured on my blog

Liink to other Burning Man sites.

You can contact the photographer here:
Primal Photography
All images copyright Allan B. Spiegel,

Archive of viewer captions and messages

Here's the disclaimer that I felt I had to put on them, as nudity is a big part of the fun of the photos.
There is no porno here,
but some may consider it   adult content.
Maybe rate it R.
If you  use any decent  net nanny program,
these words  should keep these pages from displaying on your child's browser.
And it will also deny access to the G-rated rest of my site.
Such programs  put you in charge of your own censorship.

Which is fine by me.

At some points Google searches for naked+twister were the number-one referrer to this site. That amused and depressed me at the same time.

It is all my fault. I put that disclaimer on the site. It mostly leads me searches from those not thinking primarily with their brain. It skews the intellectual level in the comments to those of the one-handed typist. So it was not as rewarding for me as I'd hoped, editing the Gametone Burning man section of the wrybread site. It put me little in touch with the brainy genii participants of the Bman crowd, and rather left me in the clutches of the horny spectators with virtual binoculars around their necks.

And Of course, it is a circular process. The more that crude comments accumulated on the page, the more that Google will direct the porno seekers my way. There is wit in some of these comments, but it is rare. Look for yourself.

I put these photos up in June 1999. In 1998 I'd remotely observed Wrybread's Burning Man experience. Wry's account is the best I've seen of the seductive actualities of the Festival. I went to check it out myself in 2000, and came back with much ambivalence. I made some Flash movies that try to bring to you how I felt there.

Gametone Teleporter: