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I made this animation in the horrible days following, watching from my East Village rooftop, the WTC towers floating down in their clouds of dirty gray dust. Trapped on this island, I was perhaps searching for a place where such things might not happen, a place of digital peace. But all I see when I look at this now is my unconscious echoing of those planes crashing into the towers.

This is another phased loop piece, like Endless Fountain. You can see that all the birds start off together, but diverge along their separate paths soon after.

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Alessandro Ludovico runs a handsome Italian blog, Neural.it, that mentions my animation Birds and Water in his 9-11 entry. The blog has diverse media, cultural, political and science links, many to sites in English. I give this linkback to what looks like an interesting site, though this surreal Babelfish translation of his review leaves me questioning the wild spin he reads into my piece. What is this volteggi prattling business? Could Birds and Water's companion animation (Ice Birds), made later that same day, be subconsciously about the rise and fall of black men birds? I've written back to Alessandro, maybe he will provide a human translation, or answers to these questions.

"Also the art on web has found its modalities of interaction with a how much happened year ago ' Birds and Water ' of web the Gametone artist can be taken nearly to symbol of the endured moral frustration from the medium American, crushed in an absurd reorganization of its certainties. And therefore in the filmato one in shockwave in issue it is assisted to a metaforico loop in which white men birds that fall systematically to peak in the water, raising themselves in flight and falling of new after some volteggi prattling.

Alessandro provided a translation that let me get the sense of it, I tweaked it for it's English usage:"Also web art has found its own interaction rules regarding what happened one year ago. 'Birds and Water' made by the web artist Gametone can be taken as a symbol of the moral frustration of the common American people, with its moral status absurdly crushed. So in this shockwave animation the user can see at a metaphoric loop in which white birds rapidly falls in the water, always flying up and then down again after some chirping gyrations. An escape from terror and an unconscious refusal of the 'falling' that echoes in every movement of this uncontaminated digital land." It looks likes Babelfish is not ready for a translator's job at the UN.

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