P H R E A K  T H E
S T R E E T  2 0 0 0

Here's the semi raw camera dump of my pics from the April 30 Street Phreak. I didn't add any text at all, I'm hoping the people who were there will tell a bit of the story themselves through the comment fields.

The Street Phreak is something the Cyberbuss does every year to promote the Costume Ball, which this year will be Saturday May 13 at Headless Point Studios. If you're anywhere near San Francisco, definitely come, it will be a super blast.

In a nutshell, what's happening in these pictures is we're driving around in the Cyberbuss painted all sorts of colors and dressed in all sorts of goofiness, and the Buss stops here and there and we all get out and drum like crazy while people on the street gawk. It's amazing how well people react to it and us, it's a pure blast.

Use the comment fields as much as you want, unless you comment these are just dead web pages, and we can't have that. Also, if you were there and you have pictures of the event, send them over and I'll post.