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WebJam is a bunch of people making music over the web.  It's happening in fake time (as opposed to real time), with the jammers downloading each other's music to play with at their leisure.  When they've done their thing they upload it back to the site making it available to other jammers.  And the thing will grow and mutate until we have many pieces of Internet Age Folk Music.

Listen to the music, and if you find something you want to contribute to, download it, add or subtract something, and send it back up so other people can work with it.  You can preview everything in RealAudio, and if something inspires you to participate, download the higher fidelity MP3 file.  See the WebJam FAQ page for a bunch of info on downloading, converting MP3 to wav, multitracking, compression formats, etc.  The FAQ should talk you through everything you need to know to participate.

Each step of WebJam is saved and available for all to download and add to.  You can work from whatever step inspires you.  The jam can develop non-linearly, with many many descendants of one initial inspiration.

As far as content goes, all we want is good honest music.  That can mean an interesting atmosphere, a weird combinations of sounds, a bunch of people's voices blended together, a traditional song, or whatever.  We're not trying to make corporate music.  Just honest music.  If you like it, it's good, and someone else will probably like it too.  And if they don't, who cares.    




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