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Ride the Wrybread Taxi:


rich said:

where's my fucking eye patch, you bastard!!!!


curly said:

is it just me, or is that daisy mae clampett gone horribly horribly wonderful?


hamilton said:

hiya momma,its sure fine you called,i was just thinkin of you-i been doin great in this here big city,by the way all them local puerto rican boys keep tellin me how much they love this pretty dress you made me!


Nine Inches Of said:

Hi Hillary, I have found a wonderful way to stimulate my breasts while I am on the phone *wink* I just rub them on the edge of the desk while I am talking. It makes me soooo wet!


green budz said:

I hate that when I get jizz in my eye from across the room


blindpigman said:

blindpigman says:

like my new teeth




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