Voices of the Void
These are the voices of the void, the webpage coming alive,
the numbers on my site's log talking back.


Wry Comments on the Wrybread Bathroom Wall are a collection of messages sent to my pager from the website.  It couldn't get much more bizarre than this.   Almost completely unedited and in chronological order.

Wry Comments on the Wrybread Bathroom Wall


The Wrybread Search Cam is pretty interesting:   you can watch actual searches being performed by actual people in actual time on the Magellan search engine.  The list refreshes every 15 seconds or so.  This is about the best window I've seen into the way the internet is really used.


Search Cam




The Wrybread Posting Area is your standard issue bulletin board.   I put it up just to see what would happen, and so far nothing much has.  The one novelty to this board is that you can post a picture along with your message.   Go ahead, speak and be spoken to.


Posting Area



The Hiss Line was one of my first internet projects.   I made up a bunch of stickers that said "say something interesting, call the Hiss Line", and listed the phone number of my voicemail (which was 352-HISS).  I put the stickers on payphones all over New York City, and I posted whatever messages I got to the site in RealAudio.  It didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, and I didn't get nearly enough calls.  I think the "say something interesting" part put people off.

The Hiss Line





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