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Vicci, Marianna and Sara of Smelly Roses

Smellyroses Booking and info: (323) 666-9942

Imagine: Melodic alternative rock without attitude.
Anthem-worthy songs with humility and subtlety.
And three hot chicks rocking out! That's Smellyroses.

They came together just a year ago and have built a following in Los Angeles with their high-energy shows at Goldfinger's, the Martini Lounge, Dragon fly and Kibitz Room. With heartfelt songs and moody guitars, Smellyroses evokes the drama and songcraft of Ednaswap with high-voltage energy. Just a few months into the band's existence, they were touring up the West Coast and out to Las Vegas.

The band formed after guitarist Marianna Trench met bassist Sara Hectic in Manhattan. Marianna had been playing solo shows of quirky, humorous punk songs in New York's comedy underground. They traveled together to New Orleans where Marianna wrote songs and conspired with Sara to create an all-girl band that would rock with something honest to say.

The duo headed to Los Angeles and began the typically difficult search for a drummer. After auditioning several of them, they met Vicci Stewart. Their jam session got so heated that Marianna chipped her tooth! And so they knew they had found their smellyroses drummer.

Eager to record their emerging sound, Marianna herself produced a three-song EP. "Survive" is a catchy track that could easily straddle MTV and college radio with its chorus that makes you want to wave a lighter in the air. "Free" is a resonant ballad with a hypnotic feel. And "Secrets are Waiting" is a dramatic dirge with a grungy guitar backdrop. All feature Marianna's strong, deep voice offset and higher-octave backing vocals.They are eager to record again as a three member band.

Fully committed to the band, the three girls continue to write new material, play shows and plan tours.


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