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the local neighbor said:

wow what a crazy Idea, are ya nuts??Get yourself a real carpenter!really


The Sister said:

I trust the Doctor.


Penny said:

I want a reservation at the Shack.


Sam Ruben said:

Wow! Missya, LV37


Ron Brown said:

Now I understand why union labor costs so much!


Zak B. said:

What ARE you doing anyway?


Roger and Nancy said:

As a famous New Mex. builder once said, "We're (you're) makin some progressss!"

P.S. Book us!


gk said:

If you build it they will come.


don h said:

Is it done? I'm on my way out.


MESH said:

When Are you going to visit?




cement wizzzzard

where does this floor go anyway?



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