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Forecasts, current conditions:

Image cycle page

Pacifica at pacificwaverider.com

surfline OB

surfline pacifica (also shows tides)

Pacific Waverider hourly surf summary

stormsurf.com forecast

surfpulse forecast

boardz.com wave height chart

surfline main index of forecasts

More from stormsurf (detailed)

Franie's Best Bets

Shows storms and surf direction

Shows peak wave period and direction

3-day wave forecasting

Blakestah.com's OB report (lots o links too)

Weather & Wind:

Wind Flow on SF Bay **

Bay Area Winds 2 (profiler)

Visible Clouds Bay Area

Base Reflectivity (rain?) in Bay Area

Fog Depth

Infrared Eastern Pacific

Winds Nor Cal


Phone reports:

SF Surf Shop: (415) 437-6683

Sonlight Surf Shop: (650) 359-0353

O'Neil in Santa Cruz: (831) 475-BARL (2275)


surfpulse java cam OB

OB Cam pic isolated

OB Cam directory listing

Pacifica Cam

Mavericks Cam

Prediction stuff:

Half Moon Bay buoy

San Francisco buoy

Buoy Summary

Bunch o buoys


General surf stuff:

pacificwaverider.com homepage (wave of the day)

Tutorials (wave forecasting, etc.)

Surf news at surfpulse.com

Water temperature guide

Ding Repair


CaliforniaCoastline.org ***

Great kayak/ocean links from Arno ***

surfvid.com (great SF surf vids)

Interesting surf site, SCSurfers.com

More links from SCSurfers.com

Cool ass QTVR panoramas of beach parks

Bask (Bay Area Surf Kayakers)



Swells travel at ~1.75*(swell period) in SAE miles per hour.
(i.e.) a 17 second swell travels 1.75*17 or 29.75 mph or 714 SAE miles per day.

Swells travel at ~1.75*(swell period) in miles per hour.