Digital Dan's B-Day

Everyone was hanging out around the firepit, we drove behind a warehouse and taped all the fireworks to Herman's roof, and Mr. Everywhere came up with the greatest fuse idea: we cut a rag into strips and soaked them in WD-40, connected all the fuses with it, drove Herman to just around the corner from the party, lit the rag and holy crap it worked amazingly. Bam bam bam bam bam. Pics (me driving, Razz in wig):

For the finale, we lit one of those things inside Herman, with us inside too. Was pretty amazing, just put on your hood, duck your head and and wait for whatever craziness hits us. Then morning came, we were still at it. Here's the Wall O Flame, a strip of gasoline across the road, incredibly smokey fire, us driving back and forth thru it, I'm still amazed no one called the cops on this spectacle:


Note the destruction everywhere in teh pic above. We were throwing chairs at Herman as he'd pass, running the chairs over, etc., sorry about that Cody. On the very last throw the windshield shattered, oh well, it's all fun and games until someone's windshield gets broke.


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Gametone said:

This is the scariest thing I've seen since Apocamon:


neon dave said:

Scariest, comes close. Has the pollution that you have no choice but to breath, and the pollution that you choose to breath, fried your brains so bad that you just don't care if plastic chairs,keg cups, white phosphorus is just creating more shit we all have to breath? None of you can be called Enviormentalist, Earth children, or even intellectually
correct. Shame on you. neon dave


sAM said:

scary is when one of those meter maids is ticketing yer parked vehicle. nothing makes my heart jump more than to see one of those meter maids near yer car.


Dragana said:

Crazynight it was?!?