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The Mammals of Zod

Meg Montgomery

Meg Montgomery

Like a true Mammal, Meg Montgomery is a creture for all seasons.  Crossing over into pop, world beat, and fusion, she still stays connected to the free jazz world.

Meg graces the Mammals of Zod with her amazing trumpet style, alternately leading the pack with bright leads and creating textures and waveforms never before heard emanating from a trumpet.

Moreover, Meg is a monster webslinger.  Check out her pages by clicking on her name, above.

Gary Heidt

Meg Montgomery

Meg at the Mammals tape release gig

Sidewalk Cafe, NYC. 1/3/99

(yes this image is almost random noise but Meg was back

in the corner away from the light.  Squint your eyes.  You can almost

see something.)



See Meg at the Museum of Sound Recording Symposium

Worldly Vibe

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