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The Mammals of Zod


Well I don't want to sound aggressive or angry but I've had it up to here

with folks making bucks in music who have no ears to hear.


We've had our backs to the wall so long we wrote a song and found

a key.  M sings everthing and perfectly at all times (although she has

some strange ways about her.)


All the best Musicians in New York know her and there is --

what should I say? -- a high level of respect, reverence,

even awe for her talent.  Sabir Mateen, saxophone legend,

calls her simply "The Great One."


Fuck You if you don't think M is "Marketable."  Two years and

she could float your whole fucking record company.   People love

her when they hear her and you're scared of her power.

You want to keep the power, you whiny weasels in your

Shiny offices and salaried positions.  You like to eat musicians,

you keep a couple dead ones in Saran Wrap in your freezer

and have "bacon" late at night with your powerful friends.


If you are a chump dumped in loserdom you'll just try to drag

the world down with you into Hell.  If you are interested in music,

or the expression of soul,  you will be working to try and help

more people find out about M.

Gary Heidt

M at the Sidewalk Cafe          M-sdwlk2.jpg (17481 bytes)      

M at the Mammals tape release gig at the Sidewalk Cafe 1/3/99

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