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 The Mammals of Zod

Kid Lucky

Kid Lucky

The revolution is now

Kid Lucky is a beatboxer, poet and entrepreneur who provides the bass voice for the Mammals' chorus.   Kid has been through it all, and if you were to walk with him through the East Village, you would realize that Kid knows probably one in every four people who live there.

Kid started his career opening for the Last Poets, and since then has become a local favorite on the Lower East Side, a region which is somehow wholly isolated from the consciousness of the recording industry only a few dozen blocks away.

Listen to the words Kid sings on any of a number of Mammals recordings, and wonder; are these confessions of a soul filled with rage, prayers to a God of mercy, or the poetics of the oppressed?

Kid Lucky at the Sidewalk

Kid Lucky at the Mammals tape release gig

at the Sidewalk Cafe, NYC. 1/3/99

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