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  The Mammals of Zod

Ira Atkins

Ira Atkins

concentrated rhythm

Ira Atkins has been playing with the Mammals since his first gig with them at CBGB's in 1995.  A schoolteacher by trade, Ira is the only Mammal with a respectable job.

Ira combines a excellent rhythmic sensibility with a metric looseness which allows the pulse to preside while all ephemeral changes are allowed to come and go as they will.  He has a Zen-like attitude and is the least extroverred of the Mammals.

Ira is a world traveler and an expert in all genres of music.  He works in jazz, bebop, swing, hardcore, rock, funk, blues, and of course, free jazz.

Ira's first appearance as a vocalist with the Mammals is documented on the audiofile of Lovesphere 3, accessible on this web page (coming soon).  See if you can find it!

Ira Atkins at the Sidewalk Cafe

Ira at the Mammals tape release gig at the

Sidewalk Cafe, NYC 1/3/99

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